kajeng rice field ubud is a hidden gem located closed ubud center

Kajeng Rice Field Walk Is A Hidden Gem Near Ubud Center

Kajeng Rice Field Walk The Best Jogging Track Near Ubud Center

Kajeng Rice Field Ubud walk is a popular spot for tourists in Ubud. The rice paddies are fertile and the views of the valley can be breathtaking.

The Kajeng Rice Fields in Ubud were always a cherished treasure to the people living in this area, who tend to their rice plants with care and respect. This place has been preserved and nurtured for generations, with its beauty and spirit revered by locals and visitors alike.

It’s an integral part of the cultural identity of the area, where artisans sell everything from hand-woven baskets to organic vegetables grown on-site, with most things made from natural materials such as bamboo or palm leaves.

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